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Got Debt? we offer creative ways to help people regain their financial solvency by analyzing their complete financial picture while developing a custom solution. There is always a way to improve your financial position and we have the resources and the expertise to help.

Simply click on the Apply Now tab and fill in your contact information and one of our Consultants will contact you within minutes. Congratulations on taking the necessary steps to achieving your ultimate goal of being debt free.

Our Commitment

Our debt settlement services provide you immediate debt relief. Before you consider the negative effects of filing for bankruptcy or signing an Agreement with another company, speak with one of our IAPDA certified debt consultants today. They will guide you through the debt settlement process and evaluate your individual needs. Most importantly, DRCOA works for you, not for the creditors. Allow our team of arbitrators to reach a settlement with your creditors which will get you back on the path to Financial Freedom.

Realistic Goals

  • To use our unrivalled experience and unique Debt Negotiation Process to get our Clients back on their path to a debt free lifestyle.
  • To ensure that our Customer Service continues to be rated among the best in the Industry.
  • To be the best Debt Relief organization in the Country.
  • To keep the character of our business intact - real people will always be available to speak with our clients about their questions and/or concerns.
  • To provide the highest quality of service and support at all times.


  • Debt Relief Centers of America took me by the hand & walked me through the roughest time in my life. My debt counselor made me feel at ease. Thank you Debt Relief Centers of America for all that you have done!

    Jocelin Duran - NJ

  • Debt Relief Centers of America helped me through by setting an affordable amount to pay my creditors, so instead of paying $890 per month, I now pay only $350 per month for 32 months. I couldn't thank you enough Joe...

    Julia Rodriguez - FL

  • What a great feeling it is not being loaded down with all the credit cards I racked up during college. Debt Relief Centers of America made it possible for me to get back on track and live my DEBT FREE life.

    Bill Franklin - AZ